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our first album and a narrative about anything and everything you take it to mean, albeit lazily.


released July 16, 2016

main members:
Lennox: all vocals & lyrics on tracks 2, 3, 4, & 6.
_/-: noise, musicality, quality control, artwork, keys.
ondrew: production, lyrics on tracks 5 and 7, art.
figg: noises, emotional support, and more.

special thanks to the following people who helped us choose between two album covers (that we eventually just sorta merged as a compromise because we kept tying. also: these people are in completely arbitrary order): Alina "I Hightailed It The Heck Outta There Because Honestly It Sucked" Mohr, Ming "The Merciless & Magnificent" Lin, Sean "Cooler Than You, Playing "Rise of the Valkyrie" While Skiing Down A Hill" Holly, Emory "Writer Punk Extraordinaire" James, Joseph "Clarinet" Rathke, Dylan James "Sadboy, Tubist, & Miracleworker Who Will Help Immensely In Getting The Tuba Section's Db's In Tune This Year aka DJ Prophet" Propheter, tumblr users "leveneden" & "researchermusic," who are both wonderful people, Rick, and probably at least one person that we forgot about.

the same level of thanks to those who listened (and who only didn't get a say in the album cover because we forgot to share the post with them and/or they were busy doing something cool (again: no particular order)): Lindsey "I Was Born Having Seen "The Shining"" Valdivia, Emma "Honestly Nothing Was Real That One Year But It's Chill Now" Conway, Giovani "Gio Evo" Aguinaga, Marty "The Enthusiasm the World Needs" Alger, Molly "I Will Sprint Into The Sky To Get A Picture of This Killer Sunset" Paquette, Julia "The Edgemaster" Brain, Genco "The Peoples' Champion & The World's Heartbreaker" Akaçık, Nyari "I Will Win State Forensics With A Speech On Black Oppression In The Middle Of A Skit Because I Want Systematic Change" Turner, Hope "Giving 9-10 AP Humanities Hope For Custom T-Shirts And Just Giving Hope To People In General" Asia Jesmer, Sam "The Token Libertarian aka The Guy That Actually Thinks For Himself And That We Still Need To Get An Apology Gift For If You Were In 7-8 APUSH For Nut Allergy Jokes Alone" Lepien, Phebe "The Radical Pianist" Palmer as well as friendly-DeKalb-Public-Library-Staff-Members Steven "The Tabletop Roleplaying Gamer Guy Who Has A Lunch Box With His Face On It Because He Won An Award For Being Best Librarian And Is Just That Cool" Roman, Rory "I'm The Media Encyclopedia, Book-Shelver, Dreamer, Fighter, Lover, and Memer" Gallagher, Darcy "By The Time You Read This, I'll Have My Master's Degree in Librarian Science or Whatever They Call that Noble Profession These Days" Tatlock, Mike "Mikey Cog" Heskott (I hope that's spelled right and is the right last name) (check out his tunes at, and Michael "The Memes" Szoke, who doesn't work at the library, yet spent many a study hall digesting this garbage and looking at comics, entitling him to close this ridiculous list.

in the miscellaneous individual category appreciation section, a huge thanks to Sebastian "This Year Killed Me, Even With The Joys of Rooster Teeth, Greg Miller, and Destiny, But The Steam Sale Is Back And I'm Having Giordano's Tonight So My Soul Is Back Too" Lowe for putting up with our crap (especially and really explicitly Andrew ("ondrew"): he never shuts up). approximately 15% of noises were likely recorded somewhere at his house and we probably owe him $30 each (at least) and our lives. before this miscellaneous section ends, another thanks in order for Joseph Rathke who, though already mentioned once, absolutely deserves a second mention. needless to say, the members of sangfroids have a group chat titled "this has joe." 'nough said.

figg (tytin, finn, finnjamin, many other names) really deserves more kudos with a sorta apology for all the footage we have of slow-zooms on his face.

beyond individuals, a shoutout is in order for the lovely people and instruments at, for inspiration and a lot of cool noises, for a confusing ten seconds of entertainment after a random google search just now, because I typed the first draft on the fourth of July (I'm sure you never guessed but yeah: it's Andrew typing this at like early o'clock), and a bunch of musical influences that we'll spare you from hearing about. if I know you and you're thinking "why am I not credited here?" or even "I want to be credited here." it's because I forgot to add you or didn't think to. regardless, you should be in the credits. Just let me know and I'll put you in here!

and yeah: we're gonna be corny and say "you, the potential listener."

all that for this 22 minute album. enjoy!



all rights reserved


sangfroids De Kalb, Illinois

lennox, twig, ondrew, + figg might be dead.

where our'll whereabouts atm:
finn: the divine circle of kings
lennox: we honestly do not know
offdrew: the hecking number field
twig: plants vs zombies for apple download now
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Track Name: stare
Track Name: luxkids
you were meant to be a constellation.

your eyes: they are constellations,
two stars, guiding me home.

(they are like lights; they are like lights.
headlights, on a road, and i'm a deer.)

your heart is a bright star,
and i'm not afraid when i'm with you.

no, i'm not afraid when i'm with you.
Track Name: drops
your voice is like the august wind:
bubbling and turning and twisting in the tide;
it resides in a cage of flowers.

you are the sea and i am but a raindrop.

changing the words so quickly...
Track Name: heater
snow drifts down from above
i crawl under the covers and lay down
sleep, sleep, sleep,
calls my space heater as i frown

i woke up today
feeling like something was wrong
and when i got up i swayed
and that's when i knew it was gone
the sun has hidden behind the clouds

snow drifts down from above
i crawl under the covers and lay down
sleep, sleep, sleep,
calls my space heater as i frown

i love the way it just lightly touches the ground
twisting and turning as life goes by like glue
diamonds are coming from the sky on their way down
so i
my space heater
and i
will stay inside
and stay warm and dry
i swear

snow drifts down from above
i crawl under the covers and lay down
sleep, sleep, sleep,
calls my space heater as i frown

i love the way it goes
life drags on as i watch out the windows
Track Name: funnel
a funnel for change:
the coin-drain kind.
it's a sibling's race,
but dimes' last ride,
as it clung to sides.

your senses sharp,
as you were young;
your empty pocket,
though not so snug,
made no mental cry.

on a downhill spiral,
we're now the dime.
our threadbare wits
will rip our pockets.
'broke' is the crime.

not to the charities,
downloading ecstasy;
change for change
or so it seemed.
Track Name: thaw
people go:
they walk around with their balloons,
to and fro.

today's the day when i went outside and ran:
i ran and ran and didn't stop to say 'hello' or plan.
i just leapt into the summer - i was looking forward.
it wasn't just for me, just imagine what you'd be...

who's someone who'll tell me things will just be okay?
Track Name: where
where are whereabouts to mend:
to fix broken bits and dead ends;
are there shelters that still stand
above the sad demands of man?

where? the whereabouts.
Track Name: rime