by sangfroids

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remix from Mikey Cogg ( will be uploaded with this soon, more than likely.


released July 13, 2016

lennox, _/-, ondrew, figg, + mikey



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sangfroids De Kalb, Illinois

lennox, twig, ondrew, + figg are making shelters out of noise and trying to master escapism. they're recording in a basement with pluto being their next big destination.

they could keep their composure in the wake of a fascist bulldozer,
yet are often found contemplating in a liminal space,
wondering if swedish fish are a sacred part of a dietary palette.

this bio nailed it. sangfroids out. B)
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Track Name: thaw
people go:
they walk around with their balloons,
to and fro.

today's the day when i went outside and ran:
i ran and ran and didn't stop to say 'hello' or plan.
i just leapt into the summer - i was looking forward.
it wasn't just for me, just imagine what you'd be...

who's someone who'll tell me things will just be okay?